Christmas in the Tropics

26 Dec, 2018

Snow, snow!


Our Liberians friends had warned us that around Christmas: "snow, snow!"… Really? Snow? Don't worry if you haven't got a white Christmas, we have understood yet that the Liberian's snow is the morning fog slightly refreshing for those who wake up early.

Local church

We go through this Christmas period with joy. We have celebrated with our local church and it was a very good service with a lot of children. Melvina was honored by a African dress as she is helping with the Sunday school and helped to prepare a sketch.

Then we had a celebration around a bonfire on the beach with the missionary kids. Our boys were part of the shepherds (Siméon only accepted at the last minute, therefore his different costume! )


The Liberians have very nice Christmas traditions! They decorate rocks, trees and write Merry Christmas on the road on the grass with white paint. Some will repaint there houses! And if they can, put up fairy light at the windows and decorate their houses with tinsel.


Abi, our gardener, took us to the market to buy "flowers" to decorate the house. Siméon and Melvina went with him! After numerous search, we finally understood that he means tinsel! And there is also the Christmas carols ringing all around: at the radio, in churches, at the market, … We went to the hospital singing carols for the patients. We recognize the melodies and we learn them in English!

In a few hours, we will have the joy to welcome the grand-parents and we will celebrate Christmas around our beautiful plastic Christmas tree! (lend by an American family away this year).

We wish you a merry Christmas and an Happy new year 2019. And we want to thank you warmly (in its both meaning!) for your kind thoughts, emails, messages! We feel close to you despite the geographic distance!

Melvina, Nicolas, Théotime, Siméon and Gabriel